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Data Solutions:
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Coffee Cloud offers our clients Free decentralised storage, allowing users to store data via our Filecoin Plus network.

How It Works ?

Because of our unique collaboration with Filecoin Plus program and Coffee Cloud's exceptional status as a Notary, Coffee Cloud offers our clients Free decentralized storage, allowing users to store data via our Filecoin Plus network.


Feel free to sign up to request Datacap in the links below. After review and approval, Coffee Cloud will grant your allotted data. You will then be able to store your data on Filecoin Plus’s decentralized storage network. Coffee Cloud is one of the few notaries located in the Hong Kong region and the Greater Bay Region.

** Important Note **
Filecoin is optimised for public data and doesn't yet support access controls.

If storing private data, ensure you encrypt it before storage to ensure it remains unreadable by anyone without the ability to decrypt it.

4 Steps To Set Up 

Step 1:
Filecoin Plus Registry

  • Go to the Filecoin Plus Website 

  • Get Verified > Get DataCap > General Verification > Notary Name: Coffee Cloud > Make Request > fill out Datacap Allocation Request > Sign In With GitHub

  • For datasets greater than 100Tib: Get Verified > Get DataCap > Large Dataset Application > Sign In With GitHub > Fill out the forms

Step 2:
Fill In Our GitHub Form

  • Go to Coffee Cloud GitHub form

  • Fill in the form > Submit New Issue

  • Coffee Cloud will then review your Data Cap application

Step 3:
Application Review & Approval

  • Data Cap application approved by Coffee Cloud and provided to client

  • We may ask for additional information for identity verification

Step 4:
Select Storage Provider

data-center-2476790 edited.png
If you are interested in enterprise level solutions, please contact our Coffee Cloud team for further details.

Contact Our Sales Team

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